Sunday, March 4, 2012

SOLSC Back in time

The simple words "Woah Nellie," posted in yesterday's title for SOLSC #3...

I immediately hear Lori's voice, her full laugh, I see her great smile.  She is regaling me with Sam or Noah's latest antics. That was one of Lori's favorite expressions - Woah Nellie! 

We were young moms, getting through those preschool years together.  We lived in the same neighborhood, met through a happenstance playgroup, because we had met two other young moms, walking with first-borns in snugglies through Sligo Creek Park.  

It was serendipitous. 
No, synchronistic.
It was meant to be.

A flood of memories: supportive phone calls, holding each other up through children's tantrums, viruses, husband's travels; reading and discussing parenting books; throwing birthday parties, impromptu happy hours on stressful days...

Three year old Sam shouting so eloquently to his Mom, "You are not the boss of me!"  How true, how true!  We really aren't bosses of our children, we do want them to be in charge of their lives.

Lori helping me see the positive of my challenging four year old Keith, noting, "His tenacity will serve him well."

Three year olds Wade and Noah playing quietly upstairs and then dashing through the house bare-chested, underpants only, donning an extra pair of underwear on their heads, shouting "Super Underwear Man!"

Woah Nellie.  

Lori and Bruce, Sam and Noah moved from the area when all our boys were in their first years of elementary school.  My then toddler Bryce never got to know them.

Time passes.
New friendships.
New careers.

Her Sam and my Keith are 23 now; her Noah and my Wade are nearly 21... Woah Nellie.

As Lori wrote in this year's holiday card, 
"The woman who cuts my hair is pregnant with twins and is going to stay home with her kids after they are born.  She asked me how I liked staying home with my kids and I said, 'I only made it because of a wonderful friend named Maureen.  We kept each other sane.' No matter how many years pass, I will ALWAYS remember."

No matter how many years pass, I will ALWAYS remember.

Woah Nellie.


  1. This is so lovely Maureen. I love the short poemy sentences between the longer lines. You managed to weave 23 years of friendship into this sweet slice. :)

  2. And now your post has reminded me of my friend who kept me sane all those years ago. It's always part of my conversation when I talk to parents of young children - who keeps you sane?

  3. How special to have a close friend during those first years. I now have a 18 month old grandson and love every minute of watching him grow. You are so lucky to be working with these little kiddos!