Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday SOL There are varied paths

I am determined to submit a blog post for the Tuesday "slice of life" - in the midst of a very hectic time in my life...

My classroom, empty, clean, organized, waiting for the onslaught of preschoolers.

My basement, stockpiling, waiting for the departure of my youngest son for college. [Sorry, no photo!!]

Yes, my baby heads to college this weekend.

We've had a summer full of teenagers and young adults,
passionate about so many different things.

Consider, these pursuits -

- studying criminology with an emphasis in forensics, wanting to solve crimes using technology and science;
- playing polo;
- entering the Marine Corps;
- fluent in several foreign languages and interested in international studies;
- a baritone singer, passionate about opera;
- love of engineering;
- working on a master's to become a history teacher;
- still another, headed for a Phd in biochemistry;
- kinesiology, working with lacrosse team, helping them to excel;
- studying law, particularly interested in public law and becoming a judge;
- singer and songwriter, playing guitar;
- tinkering with computers to create electronic dance music;
- studying psychology and neurology;
- helping battered women;
- marketing and business - particularly interested in starting a small business;
- majoring in speech pathology, interested in helping adults with special needs;
- creating documentary films;
- gender studies;
- working with the homeless;
- art, especially computer-assisted design;
- theology, wanting to become a minister;
- dance and exercise;
- writing comedy, particularly for websites;
- directing theater performances.

I know there are more...others I have left out...but, when I reflect on all these varied interests, passions, pursuits, I get very excited about the future.

This is the goal of education -
to cultivate passion about learning in our students, and
to provide the means for them to pursue their individual goals and interests.

Here's to another great year of learning -
whether you are three years old or college-bound!