Sunday, March 25, 2012

SOLSC #25 She is an artist

What a sweet little preschooler she is, 
her long dark curls flowing down her back, 
a summer dress on - it has been so hot recently.
I am noticing the details.
She is standing at the art table, with one knee on a chair; 
she is hunched over, fervently working her hands, using scissors, markers, the colored pencils.
I can't see everything she is doing, but it is obvious she is so totally engaged by her work.

I walk closer to the table and she turns to me and she pulls from her pocket 
the most intricate, detailed pink art piece...
there is a heart-shaped flower in the center;
she has cut this herself, it must have taken her forever! 
I am noticing the details.
Did she do this at home?  
How, how, how did she cut this, so that I see both flower and heart? 
Flowing from each side are large leaves, leaves that are also pink and look much like wings.
"It's a 'fairy flower' " she says, and I see, yes, she is right, it is a beautiful fairy flower.  
I am noticing the details.  
She has spent considerable time on this.   
I must remember these for GOLD, to enter this data in GOLD.  
How did she make this masterpiece?  Is it simply pink marker? crayon? 
Our tempera paint wouldn't make that gorgeous creamy shade of pink...
besides, it would have cracked, and, come to think of it, 
she pulled it from her tiny pocket and it doesn't have a wrinkle or a tear!  
I look at her, surprised.

She smiles at me shyly and before I can even say anything, she says, oh so sweetly,
"I think you should blog about this."

I shake my head in puzzlement - how does this little one know I blog? Whaaaat?

I look to the clock on the side and see - 3:41 a.m.
It is Sunday, this is a dream,
and she is right,

if I am noticing fictitious details 
by completely fabricated preschoolers,
in the middle of a dream, in the middle of the night,
this will be today's slice!


  1. You told it so clearly, I scrolled down (before finishing the reading) to see if you included a picture of the fairy flower. You got me!

  2. I could see all the details and the picture of you watching her. Such a vivid and happy dream.

  3. I am just so amused that I was thinking about preschoolers, thinking about data and observations, and thinking about blogging ALL NIGHT LONG! I guess this month of "slicing" is taking its toll?