Monday, March 5, 2012

SOLSC #5 Writing treasure

Why write? 
Oh, this is easy!

Writing is sharing.

Lose yourself in your thoughts.
Don't think about the outcome.
Just write.

Find your favorite color pen.  Or pencil.
Or many colors.
Any paper will do.
Or maybe you have a special notebook?
Just give into it.

Once you start, it is all-consuming.  
You can't put your pen down.
Lose yourself in your thoughts.

Make it from your heart.
Better yet, surprise someone with your writing.
Drop by before school, and
make someone's day.

This is what writing from the heart looks like at age three:

A little friend wrote me this note.
It is a real treasure.
Writing is sharing.


  1. We're never too young to find the power of writing. I bet that little note says all kinds of wonderful things. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Aww! This is so cute(: I love the poem, and it's true: writing is sharing. Thank YOU for sharing!

  3. I bet there was a great story to go with that writing too! I love hearing children tell what writing says. I also love that you say, "writing is sharing."

  4. LOVE the poem. It spoke to me and I think it serves as a wonderful writing invitation for young writers.

    Mind if we share it on our blog in April (for poetry month)? Please email me if that'd be okay.


  5. I'd be delighted to share this poem! I was so touched by this gift of writing. My three year old friend was so very, very proud of her work.

  6. Love this post - what a great reminder for us 'big' kids to just write too! And don't worry about the outcome - my favorite line! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Well said - so many reasons to write and so much fun when we see it from this fresh perspective

  8. I love the poem. It is exciting to see preschoolers write.