Monday, March 26, 2012

SOLSC #26 Look at the blocks

Preschool Big Cats playing in the Block Center in October 2011.

I was looking through recent photographs of the children at work during centers, and 
I noticed something very surprising:

There is a whole lot of block building going on,
and very little of it is occurring in the block center.  

The block center is not where anyone plays with blocks anymore.

I have a room full of builders,
and they take bins out of the center and head for other special places.

They are building in the large space of the gathering carpet,
in the small confines of the whiteboard ledge,

underneath and behind cabinets and chairs,
on top of tables,

on open floor space.

Everywhere but the center itself.

These two builders refused to be a part of this photo!
(Check out their glorious home for the Horse of Seven Colors.)

(I also noticed they were building lots of homes - for people, for animals, for cars.) 

How many big cats can we fit in here?

The only time we have a block center is during cleanup and nap - when the blocks are not in use.  
The block center is for blocks at rest!

Why are they not building in the block center?

I suspect our block center is simply too small. 

I wonder what is going on in the block center?


  1. I know some teachers who would insist that block building MUST occur in the block center, reading in the reading center, etc. While there are reasons for that, I can tell a lot about who you are, and your teaching style, that you are open to migrating blocks. Thanks for allowing your children to move.

  2. What interesting observations about the blocks! It takes a lot of space to build and you don't want anyone else interfering, so they must move. I love the creativity of the kids!

  3. I always found that to be true also. A block center was only where we put the blocks so we could walk around the room again. They wanted to keep their structures up for a while, but we couldn't when they were smack dab in the middle of meeting area or on our tables! It was also interesting to see the differences in what girls built vs. boys. Lots of castles for girls...tall towers for boys. Tally types someday. And listen to the differences in talk while building. LOVE block time. So much to learn about kids watching them build.

  4. I love that you asked, "I wonder what is happening in the block center?" Too funny. Kids are probably reading there! Love all the pics, such creative creations.

  5. Love, love, love seeing all that block building. I have a special fondness for blocks in the preschool classroom. Thank you for being a teach who allows blocks to spill over.

  6. This made me smile from ear to ear with happy contentment. Creativity here and there and everywhere. "The block center is for blocks at rest." Perfect because they have had quite the spin around the room.