Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SOLSC #21 Let's do that again!

Purple coneflower stalks, I hope they are strong enough.
Butterfly bush branches, I believe they are strong enough.
I cut them both.  
Wasn't this a fall task? 
So fortuitous that I never got around to it, until the first day of spring!

I need them now.
The Big Cats are making magic wands.
We'll add in some ribbon, pipe cleaners, beads, and paper stars.

Today, I hope, they will let them stay at school.  
This is 'magic wands, revisited.' I smile to think of this repeat.
We need these for the Learning Showcase tomorrow night, 
when we spotlight all the folktales we've been reading.

Our favorite folktale of all time is Pete Seeger's Abiyoyo.  

We've read the book so many times,
danced to the CD so many times,
acted out the story, again and again.
We made Abiyoyo masks. 
A month ago, I realized we needed our own magic wands, 
so that we might feel the power of the father in the story, 
and, importantly,
we would display these at the Learning Showcase.

But, the Big Cats would have nothing to do with storing the wands at school for some future display.

As Gideon pleaded,
"Ms. Ingram, how am I supposed to make magic?  I need to take my wand home now!"

I believe it was the first time I have had an entire class "mutiny" on me...
no one thought my plan to keep the wands at school for a month was a very good idea at all.  

Clearly, adult project planning is very different than that of preschoolers.

I contented myself with taking individual photos of each wand,
and I made everyone's day by assuring them that they could take the wands home.

But, now, tomorrow is the Learning Showcase.  
I have nothing to display, 
except for some rather pathetic black and white photos of these wands.
(Our school does not have a color printer.)

Thus, the visit to my long-neglected garden last night.  
Clipping stalks, firm enough for magic wands.  
Here goes, part two - Abiyoyo wands.

Will they let me keep these just for overnight?
Whose in charge here?


  1. I love this post. Oh your are a wanderful teacher:) You allowed them to grasp onto something magical in their lives and yet appeased yourself but just repeating the activity again. You know the second round of wands will give so many of them a second chance to hone their craft:)

  2. I love this! Your story of the magic wands is magical!