Tuesday, March 6, 2012

SOLSC #6 From scraps of paper

I am so in awe of the creativity of small children.
I am so in awe of their fearlessness.
I am so awe of what they can accomplish, of what they are capable.
I am so in awe.

Our school is currently immersed in a fabulous art project with the Phillips Art Gallery in Washington, D.C.  All classes are exploring Jacob Lawrence's migration series and creating art that is inspired by this series.  For me, with preschoolers, I am emphasizing his use of shapes and lines, his use of color.  We have also had some powerful discussions about moving...and, more specifically, what did it feel like to leave home and come to school that very first day?  

I am "instigating" and "provoking" these three and four year olds, but, wow, this is their ride!  One day, they cut basic shapes from wallpaper pages...the next day, they created people from these shapes.  The children loved this activity, immersing themselves in it.  I gave them no rules - just a small piece of card stock to work on, their pre-cut shapes in a grab pile in the center of the table, and a glue stick.  The children made dozens of people.

Check these out!  I'm only sharing ten...and I've made up captions for them, to illustrate the extraordinary diversity of emotions and action that are depicted through the simple artistry of shapes.


I am so in awe!

Stepping out, in a hurry

Reaching for something

Dancing, kicking one's feet up in delight
Rocking in a chair

Oh, happy day!

Strolling, lost in thought

A chef, cooking dinner
Let me show you my new dress!
Dancing, spinning, I am so fast!


  1. I love seeing what kids can create. Sometimes they feel like they can't do anything or they can't do it right (well, maybe older kids) but I think they always do a great job because it represents them. I love being crafty and I contend that nothing should be perfect, that's why it's handmade. Making something from the heart means it has personality. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am in awe too. I had to go back and reread that you were writing about three and four year olds. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I so excited to see another early childhood teacher slicing! Love what you are provoking in these creative children.

  4. I loved looking at their creations, your captions were great as well. I loved the one about someone strolling, looked like it was right our of a book! So cool.

  5. Once again, I'm starting to realize that all we need to know about life we can learn from these little ones: just write, be fearless, go and accomplish! They are amazing! Love their shape people too!