Saturday, March 31, 2012

SOLSC #31 I did it!! We did it!!

This slice  - #31 -

(I did it!! We did it!! Every day in March!)

This slice  - #31 - isn't about preschoolers

(Though I am still laughing about the contrast of yesterday's goodbye at the end of the school day - my extreme happiness juxtaposed with many sad preschool faces -  a 10 day spring break beginning.  Preschoolers want to be at school, want to play with their teachers, don't see anything good about not returning together after the weekend...)

This slice  - #31 - is a reflection on this month of writing:

(I did it!! We did it!! Every day in March!)

I worried early on that I would have trouble finding a topic - and there were days when the ideas didn't flow.  I think even more difficult than the topic was finding the time...and letting myself be content with posting what often felt like a draft. (I am still wincing at grammar and spelling mistakes that I posted.)
     Here, at month's end, I see I do have a lot to share about preschoolers. I re-read my posts and I was excited by how much I expressed.  This intensive blitz of writing helped me learn something about myself and my writing and I discovered a new writing goal/focus: personally, I really enjoy my "observation" pieces, when I focus on one tiny moment with a child.  I feel drawn to these, they almost flow out of me.  I think there is so much to be valued in small moments.  (I love this quote by Mother Theresa: "We can do no great things, only small things with great love.")  I am going to try to develop more of these vignettes in the months ahead. (Perhaps I'll submit them as Tuesday slices.) 
(I did it!! We did it!! Every day in March!)

For me, early on, the commenting was the hardest – squeezing out the little morsel of extra time required to read and respond to another.  (I loved the Stephen King quote Two Writing Teachers shared, "If you don't have time to read, you don't have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that." 
     But then I was on the receiving end of not getting comments - ahh!  I found myself doubting the merits of my topic and my writing.  This was soon followed by a day when I wrote a very light piece and happened to be the first poster on the daily slice: the comments kept coming all day.  
     Light bulb moment:  blog writing is passion, blog reading is pastime – subject to what’s accessible and opportune, what title seems more or less inviting, what leisure time is available.

(I did it!! We did it!! Every day in March!)

I really enjoyed reading other blogs ... and commenting was invaluable.  Commenting means beginning a relationship.  It was particularly delightful to connect with other writers in the early childhood community. I have so many new blogs that I am following!  I feel as if I met kindred spirits.  
      I am in awe of the writers who really put themselves out there – I purposefully limited myself to writing about early childhood, knowing this blog of mine is truly a professional one, one that the families of the children I teach are reading.  But, wow, to share a personal journal with the world? Such trust, such risk-taking!  I am so impressed by this community of writers. 

(I did it!! We did it!! Every day in March!)

**It is remarkable what we can accomplish when we put just a little bit of time ... set a priority.** I hope to translate this into other parts of my life.  I wonder what life would look like if we set new challenges for ourselves at the start of every month?

I am planning to continue my relationship with this inspirational community through Tuesday slicing on Two Writing Teachers.   Thank you, so much, Ruth and Stacey for providing us this invaluable writing opportunity!

(I did it!! We did it!! Every day in March!)

March on!


  1. Pure joy from a completing a challenge. You did it! We did it! Every day in March!
    Write on!

  2. It has been great getting to know you this month. I love your light bulb moment in this post, writing is passion, reading is pastime. Love that.
    See you on Tuesday!

  3. Even though I am an 'older student' teacher for sure, I loved hearing what you do with pre-school aged children & part of that is because I have grandchildren & love to observe them too, as you do your students. I understand about that break thing you mentioned early on. My almost 3 year old granddaughter had her break last week & could not understand why she wasn't going to school. I like all your reflections about what you experienced Maureen & will look for you on Tuesdays. Thank you also for the thoughtful comments on my blog. I appreciated it every time. Cheers for a new month!