Wednesday, March 6, 2013

SOLSC #6 We have a snow day!

Two Writing TeachersSlice of Life Story Challenge (SOLSC)

We have a beautiful snow day today!  What a treasure - to have a day off in the middle of the week.  This is our first good snow in a couple of years.  It is lovely to watch from the window, to know that I can spend the day inside, warm and cozy, writing and reading.

Even without weather alerts, we knew a good snowstorm was coming.  We saw it in the children.  They had a loud and restless day yesterday, happy yet frenzied.  They seemed unable to focus on anything "quiet," intent on running in the classroom, and, at nap time, unable to settle down.  

For years, I've heard "check the barometric pressure" when children's play is frenzied. My experience tells me there is real truth to this.  I wonder if there is scientific support for this?

I also wonder what the children are doing today, at home.  I hope their families are treasuring this day, too.  

Since this is a "writing challenge," I tried my hand at a poem...

Let the house stay warm
And the lights stay on
Enjoy family time anew.

Time for hot chocolate,
A walk in the snow,
Space to converse with you.

Avoid computer games
and staring at screens
Give children small tasks to do.

Might you cook or bake?
Create some playdough?
Or scissors, paper, and glue?

May your child nap
Or spend an hour alone,
Plan time apart from you!

Let the house stay warm
And the lights stay on
Enjoy family time anew.


  1. A snow day is no fun if there is no heat or power for cooking. It's fun to watch the snow days travel across the country through the various slicers. Soon these days will only be a memory.

  2. Maureen, It's like a song, I really can just hear the pattern: da da, da da da, da da da da da da, da da da da da da? (I hope I made sense; it just seemed so clear!) So happy that you are enjoying this day at home!

  3. It's just like you to be wondering what your students are doing on their day off. I love the poem and all it suggests for a lovely snow day with your child.