Sunday, March 24, 2013

SOLSC #24 Shall I get the broom?

Two Writing TeachersSlice of Life Story Challenge (SOLSC)

This photo makes me chuckle.

I'm never quite sure if the mess from the sensory table - 
in this case, birdseed on the floor - 
occurs by accident or on purpose.
My preschoolers love these little brooms and dustpans.
They love that they are expected to clean up the mess.
It is a time-consuming process,
sweeping up birdseed,
when you are only three or four years old.
But, like anything else,
much more fun with a friend.


  1. Ha! I think you know exactly if the birdseed got on the floor by accident or on purpose! It's so interesting to watch it drop on the floor. It scatters, it rolls, it creates such a nice little sound. The picture is awesome!

  2. Amazing how much kids love "tools." And yep, they definitely are more fun with a friend!

  3. My little grandchildren think it's fun to "help" Nana sweep. It is definitely more fun with a friend.

  4. I love how work seems to be play and learning in your classroom. We at middle school could be reminded of this important philosophy! Thanks for sharing this.

  5. My granddaughter (nearly 4) was going out today to help her papa shovel the sidewalks. I have a wonderful pic of her even a year ago doing this. How great that you have/offer the tools to do a job. At our school, all the way up, students are taught to use real tools to do real work. It's so important. Love the 'birdseed' story, and the picture, Maureen. They are so intent!