Sunday, March 17, 2013

SOLSC #17 Bring on the books!

Two Writing TeachersSlice of Life Story Challenge (SOLSC)

I was looking through my recent photos of our preschool fun, getting these ready to post on our  photo sharing site for families, when I found myself smiling at how much the children are reading. No matter what else is going on, no matter what the time of day, there are always children lost in a book. I love it!

These photos both comfort and excite me - although we typically have just one whole-group read-aloud everyday, we are cultivating a love of reading!  The children find books irresistible.

Bring on the books!
A parent shares a book at the start of the day.

"Wait a minute? You are reading Abiyoyo? I want to hear it again, too!"

Our visiting Teaching Resident, Ms. Martinez, reading to children.

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  1. Such sweet photos! This is such a dreamy classroom. What teacher doesn't hope that this is what the everyday looks like for students in a classroom!?!? Congratulations!!