Tuesday, March 12, 2013

SOLSC #12 What does she do?

Two Writing TeachersSlice of Life Story Challenge (SOLSC)

We are in the midst of a couple of very unusual days at our school.  

Our Teaching Resident, Laura McCarthy, has gone to another school to work in a kindergarten class; that school has sent their Teaching Resident to our preschool class for a few days.  This exchange gives the Residents the opportunity to experience another school and hopefully providing invaluable insight and perspective as they ready themselves for job interviews at different Washington, D.C. schools, for employment next school year.

I asked the Big Cats to give advice to our new Resident, posing the question to the children, What exactly does Ms. McCarthy [our regular Teaching Resident] do?  I loved their responses:

"Share!" [Zoe]
"Share the whole school." [Lukas]
"Switch places with her." [Sophie]
"Join us." [Ebony]
"Build with us." [Ferdie]
"Show us the sign-in question and the morning message." [Soren]
"When the school is open, she goes in." [Ben]
"Shares toys, blocks, books." [Bella]
"Share!" [Jamie]
"When the school closes she can go home." [Sayid]

To me, it is clear that they love and admire Ms. McCarthy, and know that she is an essential part of our classroom.  They may be preschoolers, but they have great understanding about what teachers do!


Center for Inspired Teaching's teaching certification program includes Teaching Residents at two partner schools - ours (Inspired Teaching Demonstration School) and Capital City Public Charter School (CCPCS).  For a four day period, the Residents are switching places.  Yes, it is a little confusing...to write about! ;-)  

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  1. The mouths of babes comes the truth. I guess your resident shares and that's a good thing for anyone to learn.