Thursday, March 21, 2013

SOLSC #21 I need a cellphone!

Two Writing TeachersSlice of Life Story Challenge (SOLSC)

Jamie came up to me and said, "Ms. Ingram, I need a cellphone.  I don't have one. They are using all of them!

I looked over at the dramatic play area - there were many more children there than usual. (I don't have a number restriction on my centers in the preschool classroom - I have "social" restrictions. If there is a whole lot of squabbling, we come together and discuss what needs to change and, typically, some children need to play elsewhere.) Today,  it seemed as if everything was out - the medical kits, the restaurant foods, the dress ups, and our eight cellphones - "real" phones that no longer work, donated over the years.  Yes, eight was not enough today.  Doctors need these, Moms need these, construction workers and restaurant managers, too.  Hmmm.  How to negotiate this?

"Jamie, what if we got out the engineering recyclables and created our own cellphones?" I suggested.

"Yes! Yes! I want to do that!" he exclaimed.

And he was off - tape, cardboard, markers, scissors. One by one, his classmates joined was an engineering frenzy!  Lots of engaged young minds at work.  And so much fun!!

Here are a few:

Jamie's phone - the catalyst for all others!


  1. I have always felt that the best teachers can think on the feet! Way to save the day for Jamie!!

  2. Cool, STEM at work. What a great idea.