Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Our first day back

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Happy New Year!
Let me share the things that made me smile on our first day back after winter break (which was yesterday) - how about 16 for 2016?

  1. How much I fidgeted all night long, in anticipation, excited and nervous. Oh, how many times I looked at that clock! Why does this still happen to me after all these years of teaching?
  2. Seeing the bright sun after two weeks of rain and clouds.
  3. Finding uneaten chocolates in my teacher's cabinet at school.
  4. My Teaching Resident sharing new pictures books she had found for the children - she was thinking like a teacher over break!
  5. Big hugs and smiles from the children, happy to be back at school. 
  6. Seeing families so, so, so happy to drop their children off after two weeks of togetherness - everyone with big smiles. Routine is great for all of us, no matter what our ages.
  7. Watching individual kids find their friends and start playing. How excited the children were to be back together in their classroom!
  8. The children laughing at my improvised "Happy New Year" song to the Happy Birthday tune, squealing "That's not how it goes!"
  9. Hearing everyone's favorite memory from winter break (perhaps my favorite - one little boy said 'Mac and Cheese'. Loved it!)
  10. Making a big batch of purple gak with delighted children
  11. Both the Art teacher and I forgetting who was in each Art group - and me having no recall of where I kept the list. Mush for brains after two weeks away!
  12. Building many block homes for toy animals
  13. Children creating dress-ups from our cloth collection, making capes, dresses, head coverings, more
  14. Reading Peter and the Wolf to a captive audience of preschoolers 
  15. The children jumping and running in the leaves alongside the playground. 
  16. Children wrestling in the leaves despite the cold!

Wrestling in the leaves

    Lots of running and jumping

    Happy New Year!

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    1. It sounds so delightful, & love that 'mush' for a brain. It seems you had some good holiday time off, & that's okay, back in the swing very soon I imagine. My granddaughters were very happy to get back to school, too, & so were their parents. Happy New Year, Maureen!