Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday SOL - Slow down, summer!

Not much of a "slice of life" to offer today,
I can't believe
Thursday means August.
July has been lovely.
Time to think,
sleep, relax, exercise,
connect with friends,
travel with my family,
cook new recipes,
enjoy movies, books, games
and even
reflect and prepare for the new school year.
Kinda sad to see July go.

A few more story props created for my book corner - thank you, summer:

Knufflebunny by Mo Willems

Peter and the Wolf (my version - by Vladimir Vagin)

The Gingerbread Man (my version - by Jim Aylesworth, illustrated by Barbara McClintock)


  1. Summer is certainly flying by! I can't believe it is almost August. These are great story props. I am sure your students will love the stories.

  2. Your props are cute! How do you use them? Are they magnetic or Velcro

    1. Amy, thank you for your questions! I typically attach a bit of sandpaper onto the back of each and have the children use them on a flannelboard, but I have found that the children like to move about with them, to play with them on the floor, on tabletops, etc. So, these really are simply card stock [from old folders], like "paper dolls" from my childhood days. Adding magnets is a cool idea - the children could use them on my whiteboard...hmmm....

  3. I know how you feel about being sad to see July go. I kept my pledge to stay away from school during the month of July and had lots of time for relaxing, connecting with friends, and reading! Even though I stopped by this afternoon to post my Chalk-A-Bration, I refused to enter the building!