Tuesday, May 28, 2013

SOL One thing leads to another...

A small moment, today.
Children making magic,
seeing the wonder in small things.

We were on the playground - our side alley, that is.
Plants on the windowsill were watered,
and then,
being children,
the rest of the water was poured out,
onto the alley.
The water moved like a river,
flowing downhill towards our entrance.
Children hooted and hollered,
standing over the river,
straddling it with their legs,
laughing together.

Nearby, a bin of chalk - and possibility!

Someone decided to paint the path of the water.

Others decided to follow suit.
With great care and precision,
a beautiful, colorful, water path was created.


  1. The children and the water taking a journey together full of life and color. Love it.

  2. Serendipity at its best, right? So lovely, Maureen!

  3. Wow! That's amazing. So creative. Children are capable of so much if we just provide some tools, space, time and the freedom to explore.