Friday, March 3, 2017

sol17-3 What do you learn in a moment?

I am participating in the
Slice of Life Story Challenge (SOLSC).
All participants are writing about one moment, one part of their day, every day of March 2017.
A big thank you to Two Writing Teachers for providing this unique opportunity for
teacher-writers to share and reflect.

Last night's Learning Showcase was marvelous. We raced around the room tidying things up, laying out tablecloths, setting up each child's projects, creating an art gallery look to the room. Cloths are my "instant magic." I love throwing cloths on everything - throwing them over toys and other things that you are hiding, throwing them onto tables to draw attention to the work displayed. We worked quickly, we worked non-stop, we worked together - I love my teaching team!

         Turn around, and the room was packed with adoring families, excited youngsters. My mind was on autopilot, repeating explanations, highlighting attributes, encouraging conversation. "I hope you notice...take a minute to look at...your child worked especially hard on...the reason why we..."
          Toward the end of the evening, after much of the congestion and chatter had ebbed, parents of a former student - now, second grader - came in, and they had their younger child in tow. This little girl will enter preschool next year, and the parents were showing her the room and introducing her to her big sister's preschool teacher. It was such a sweet and lovely moment...this brief introduction. I squatted down low, to be at her eye level, and she looked at me through one of the wire sculptures - so very dear! She had big wide eyes and just the beginning of a smile, as her parents shared, 'Ms. Ingram was Angela's teacher...." All the while, she stared at me through the wire sculpture, both of us quite captivated.

Funny how one little moment can stand out as something so precious.


  1. The verbs through the action are so spot-on, matching the pace of the moment, starting out quick: setting, creating. Slowing to a casual stroll: repeating, encouraging. And finally, lingering in the moment with the little girl. Amazing and such an instinctual move on your part.

  2. Congratulations for your successful evening, Maureen. I know I've written to you about our Expo, a showcase of student learning for their specific unit. It is such a big deal, sounds like your own Learning Showcase. I love what you wrote, and about your coming young girl. She will remember, won't she?

  3. Love the image of that special moment, could really see you staring through the wire sculpture into those big wide eyes.