Tuesday, May 8, 2012

SOL Let's build a car!

Let me take this "Slice of Life" Tuesday to give you a peek inside the Big Cats preschool classroom, as we create a car, as part of our Auto Repair discovery.

The children decided:

Let's build a race car,
big enough for four people!

So, we started with four small classroom chairs, 
building the car frame around these.

"What does it need?" I asked.

Their list goes on and on:

steering wheel,
trunk (for luggage!),
cup holders,
dvd player,

We set right to work,
challenging ourselves to create these and many more car parts,
to make this car as realistic as
miscellaneous cardboard and newspaper allows.

After five days of center time focus on this work, here's what we have:

There's still plenty more to do.
(Including, a final coat of paint!  We have only primed the vehicle.)
We are having so much fun, creating together.
The learning and discovery is truly delightful.


  1. Wow, what an adventure! I love the photo where they appear to be standing, looking, thinking...what to do next. They will remember this FOREVER!

  2. This is simply terrific, Maureen. I will need to send this over to the primary teachers. All of us at school do many 3-d models of things, but I've never seen a car for four! I hope you sneak another pic in when finished! What an exciting time for you all.

  3. My class starts with 4 chairs too - but we usually end up with a bus by the time we are finished!