Thursday, April 26, 2012

What about those pill bugs?

We had a very informative read-aloud,
I'm A Pill Bug by Yukihisa Tokuda,
and some delightful time, digging in the garden.

Here's what I overheard the children say:

Let's look for pill bugs.
Let's pull this brick.
It is really stuck.
Let's do it together.
You help me.
You got it!
Pill bugs, I see some!
Look, how many!
One, two, three, four, a hundred!

They ate the brick!
Look, they are eating the brick!
Look, there is a hole.
They make that hole, I know it!
They really ate it, just like the book says.

I see one right there.
That is a mommy.
She is bigger.
There is a baby one.
I got one on my shovel, look.
I found a couple!
Oh, oh, one is on top of the other - aaaack!

Let's make a pill bug house.
Let's turn all the bricks over.
We are finding a lot of pill bugs under 2000 bricks.
Hey look, there's one right there.
Oh, hohohohohohoho! He's getting dirty!
Oh, hohoho! I made a trick.
Look, he went in one way and came out the other.

I lifted up this brick and I made pill bugs!

[Pill bug brigade:  Beryl, Estee, Liam C., Naia, Oscar, and Salma]


  1. I love this - especially the one that is identified as the mommy!

  2. Love the descriptions and observations-wonderful. My class actually studied these creatures all one year (middle schoolers). They will live in a terrarium so we watched them in that too. We fed them fresh dandelion greens (no many) & pieces of potato. Much fun.