Tuesday, May 22, 2012

SOL Stop and Go

I'm determined to share a Slice of Life today!

Yet, my day has been 
herky jerky,
up down,
bits and pieces,
Stop, Go!

A traffic sign by Jackson

We went for a walk yesterday morning, to study the traffic signs around our school.  When we returned, we created a few of our own.  Let me just share a few of the children's adorable traffic signs - these make me smile.  

I love how you see the range of my preschooler's growing skills - 
simply enjoying using scissors and glue, 
writing scribbles, letters, and  words.

Many chose to make a Stop Sign...or the more powerful "STOP, Do Not Enter!"  Perhaps the subliminal message is that preschoolers need control?

"Stop, Do Not Enter" by Eleanor
"Stop" by Sydney
"Stop" by Salma
"Stop" by Ahmad

"Stop, Do Not Enter" by Naia

"Do Not Enter" by Liam
"Stop" by Jordan

"Do Not Enter" by Sukey

There were many unique signs created, as well, reflecting a diversity of interests and concerns:

"Free Playground" by Gideon

"Your dog can play here" by Alex

"Crazy Road for Cars and Trucks" by Lucca 

"Baseball field ahead" by Paul
"Co Amo" by Samiya

I loved Samiya's explanation of this - she read aloud the letters she had written, as if they were words - "Co Amo", she said, "That means you can drive fast."

"No Cars" by Leo

"Go" by Kielan

Well, I achieved my goal of creating a post today.  Forgive me that it isn't really my writing!  There is lots more to share about my preschoolers, but I'm letting them do the sharing today.

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. How fun to get a glimpse into a preschooler's mind. I thought it was interesting to see what letters or shapes showed up on their signs.

  2. I love all of these, they hold bits of so much meaning inside each one. I love "Your dog can play here." "Co Amo" was adorable, the explanation even better. I love to hear and see what kids are thinking and there is a lot going on here that should make you smile. Love it!

  3. This kid work makes my heart sing!

  4. Crazy road for cars and trucks...you know I think I have been on that one but I didn't see the sign :)!! These signs are delightful and show so much about your students. Love to see literacy learning on action.

  5. Just terrific to see. I love that hieroglyphic work by Sukey. And every one of course. What a good idea for early writing, Maureen.

  6. I agree about the subliminal factors of preschool work - who is the message really for!! I love seeing what another group is doing since I don't have another preschool teacher or classroom in my school to wander into.