Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tuesday SOL What to write, how to write, why am I writing?

This is a Tuesday
Slice of Life.
All participants are writing about one moment, one part of their day. 
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Even though I haven't blogged in several weeks,
I have been wrestling with writing each and every day.

I am in the midst of a social justice writing class, where we have the seemingly simple goal of writing one article.

How hard can this be, having blogged for several years now? Well, it has been so so so hard.

My writing reminds me of folding a paper fan, where every fold represents a new draft; and yes - every draft is virtually the same as the one just before it.
It is so frustrating.
I'll get a seemingly powerful idea,
an amazing insight,
a new perspective...
I'll spend time reworking the draft,
feeling certain that there is progress towards the final product...
only to find
when I do a re-read,
my changes are not enough,
the article is incomplete,
missing missing missing something
just beyond my writing grasp.
It is a nightmare, as if each time I make a fold in my paper fan, the paper that I am folding grows and grows, on and on and on, without end.

So now I'm in a miserable state of dissatisfaction,
throwing out the baby with the bathtub,
not wanting to blog,
not wanting to share about my preschoolers,
just wanting to stew.

That's why you haven't heard from me in a few weeks.


  1. This afternoon, I read a piece in my Wordpress feed entitled Raison d'Etre. In short, what is your reason for being? In this case, the question was about writing. I tried to answer that question for myself, and I came up withnothing. At least nothing that I was happy with. I have many reasons why I wrote every day during te month of March, but since that motivation, I have lacked motivation. All this to say that I understand why you are stuck, and that idea came across in your piece tonight. I understand why you have been silent for the past few weeks and that was clearly explained in your piece tonight. Maybe you aren't so stuck after all, then...Bonne chance! maribethbatcho.wordpress.com

  2. This is really hard work. I think sometimes we need to leave the work alone for a bit and it will tell us what is missing. At least, this worked for me on a paper that I just couldn't pull together. I abandoned it and went to talk to the professor. We talked about it, and then she gave me an extension. Eventually, after I let it go for a bit, I figured it out. I hope this works out for you.

  3. Argh, I'm working on an idea for a picture book, & actually have worked & revised a lot, but I'm tired of it. As Cheriee wrote above, can you put it away for a while? Or, can you find a reader to give feedback. Sometimes in my writing group, new eyes help a lot. Best wishes, Maureen!

  4. Frustration comes through loud and clear. Writing can be like that. You will find your mojo and all will be right in the world. Good luck!

  5. I remember a writing project that was a fan, each person wrote something, folded it and passed it on. Way easier than the project you are working on!