Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tuesday SOL: What are the highlights?

This is a Tuesday
Slice of Life.
All participants are writing about one moment, one part of their day, every day for thirty-one days. My slices will be primarily about teaching preschoolers.
Check out the Two Writing Teachers website for many more reflections on teaching.

Here it is, the first Tuesday after the loved March Slice of Life Story Challenge! Kudos to one and all who wrote for thirty-one days straight! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your slices.  

I didn't quite make it all thirty-one days because I traveled abroad at the end of the month. My husband and I went to Edinburgh, Scotland to spend spring break with our son Bryce, who is studying there for a semester. 

This was the first time I had traveled overseas in 12 years. May I never go this long again! It is extraordinary to see how others live, to discover new customs, to explore new sights, to find your way around new places, hear new accents, and to feel yourself being stretched in so many ways. 
Just a few highlights:
  • I loved the city of Edinburgh, with its own mountain (Arthur's Seat) and a castle (Edinburgh Castle), medieval structures, cobblestone roads, brisk air, fickle weather, lyrical voices, friendly people, folklore, storytellers, and bagpipers.
  • We traveled to Isle of Skye and were surrounded by the most incredible landscape - mountains covered in moss, craggy cliffs giving way to blue water, winding and narrow roads, waterfalls, lakes (lochs), rainbows, sheep and hairy cows grazing, spacious, unpopulated, gorgeous.
  • Seeing my son as an adult - finding such a mature young man in Scotland! He took great care of us,  carrying the backpack as we hiked, giving us time to rest, showing us his favorite places. Lovely.
  • Shortbread and tea!

We had such a special time!


  1. This is a beautiful slice - what a great trip - you really captured so many senses. And your pictures are gorgeous! I like how you set it up with bullets - that's a good way to do it.

  2. Hard to read, Maureen, It sounds and looks so grand there. The Isle of Skye-wow. Thanks for sharing your trip & those pictures, love seeing the three of you too.

  3. Your photos are stunning! I went to Scotland in 73- the year after my dad died as he had been born in Scotland. I still remember that trip. I loved Edinburgh as well and I took a bus trip to Skye and loved it! How wonderful to see your son!

  4. I loved reading about your trip and the joy of seeing your so. Beautiful pics, too.

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