Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday SOL This year's "Let's remember" poem


This is a Tuesday Slice of Life for Two Writing Teachers
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almost unbelievably,
today was our last day of school.

We have had a great year…and so much fun these last few days, including 
a fabulous shadow puppet show about Eric Carle's The Tiny Seed, created by one of our early childhood families,
a field day where we played all sorts of running games, and 
a water play day, running hoses next to our local community center. 
Last, but not least, we had a fabulous Learning Showcase to celebrate this last trimester, sharing the children's science journals, artwork and stories inspired by Eric Carle, and end of the year self-portraits. Yes, we have had so much fun!

Now, summer begins!

Here's what I slipped into each of the children's portfolios, to help them remember our year together….

  Let’s remember . . .

Hello, everybody, it’s so good to see you
Marble Art
Painting with nature
Hiding bears in the Magna Tiles
Sand and water at the sensory table
Making books at the writing table
Playing sick in dramatic play
How does your story begin?
Dancing to “Let It Go”
Ramps, blocks, balls, cars, and airplanes
Climbing on playgrounds, rolling down the hill
Building with blue blocks in the cafeteria
Engineering with recyclables
Eric Carle
Our Kindness Tree
The Airplane Song, Freeze Dance
These Are My Glasses
Collecting and exploring found objects
Cardboard castles
Walking to the Rhode Island Metro
Our Farmer’s Market
Engineering houses and boats, creating inventions
Cooking on Fridays
                                                         Sharing boxes
Caterpillars, pupas, butterflies, and science journals
Growing green beans
 “The Goodbye Song
 “My heart to your heart, I wish you well”

Happy Summer! My hope is to do lots of writing. 


  1. I love your poem and how you began with the first line of your welcome song and ended it with the last line of the song. Very sweet and clever. Preschool teachers do such important work! I love your quote by Vivian Paley. So many of my heroes are the ones dedicated to helping the youngest learners ( Dr. Jean Feldman and Mr. Rogers are a couple of them!). Looking forward to reading more of your summer slices!

  2. I echo Kathleen's about the beginning and end, so sweet, Maureen. I'm happy you had such a fabulous year in your new place. It's always fun to see what those little ones are doing. Happy end of year!

  3. Ah! I love this. I read it to my 30 year old son who is visiting. We didn't dance to "Let It Go,' but in my dual credit speech class this year we used "Shake It Off" as a warm-up for speeches. Same idea, just a different age group and a reminder that the preschool kid in each of us needs to remember how much fun we have learning together.