Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday SOL What else can I possibly write about?

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Last Thursday, September 11th, Kaboom and many amazing volunteers worked very hard, creating a gorgeous new playground for our school. (The side alley play of the last two years is already a distant memory!) I tried to have as normal a day as possible with the children, wanting to maintain the children's routine. We saw a lot of the work being done through our classroom windows, and also when we went outside for some run-around time. But, more or less, we had a normal day.

Except for me.
I was preoccupied all day long.
Ridiculously excited.
I could not stop thinking about what awaited that afternoon, after the school day ended.

President and Mrs. Obama would be visiting our school, as part of the National Day of Service and Remembrance.  

I would be part of a small group of people who would meet them.

Yes, it is true!!

I had the extraordinary opportunity of working alongside the President and First Lady for about fifteen minutes, stuffing backpacks with play items for homeless children. 

I still can hardly believe I had this experience!

But, thanks to the White House press corps and a very dear sixth grader at my school, we made headlines


  1. Wow! My daughter got to meet Mrs. Obama a year or so ago; she spoke at a small group at the museum where my daughter works. What a marvelous experience, Maureen. I'm happy you had this chance! Great about the playground too. Remember those ropes and long lines you used to write about?

  2. How cool! You should tell us more about how this came to be.