Tuesday, March 25, 2014

SOLSC #25 A Snowy School Day

I am posting every day during March as part of the annual "Slice of LifeChallenge for Two Writing Teachers.  Check out their website for lots more reflections on teaching.


It snowed all day, today, at school,
from the moment I left the metro station until
the moment I returned home.

The snow fell softly,
dusting my coat and hat, as I arrived at school,
and I thought -

I am so thankful that we have school today!

No cancellations.
No delays.
No disruption to our routines.

I am a little tired of all the snow we have had this year.

For the children, however, it continues to be delightful.

We watched the snow fall as we played in the classroom.
We played Snail's Pace Race,
we painted more of the light tunnel,
we built with blocks and Legos,
we mushed play dough,
we explored at the light table,
we wrote cards and letters at the writing table,
we enjoyed pretend tea and pizza,
and all the while it snowed.

We read The Snowy Day, for the umpteenth time this school year!

We went out for a walk in the snow - oh, how lovely!
[A much nicer walk than yesterday's!]

The shady sidewalk had a slight covering of snow, maybe an inch.

Look, if you open your mouth, you can catch snow and eat! 
Look, we can make footsteps just like Peter in The Snowy Day! 
Look, we can make a snowball! Can I throw a snowball? I can throw it on the ground. 
Look, there is a lot of snow coming from the sky! 
Look, there is a lot of snow on the cars! On the construction! On the backhoe!
Look, there is snow falling on my face!
Look, there is snow on my mittens!
Look, I am slipping in my boots! Ha!
Snow! Snow! Snow!

We peeked at the snow falling as we settled in for our nap.
It's still snowing!

We watched the snow as we ate snack and had our closing.
Snow! Snow! Snow!

Throughout all this snow,
the sidewalks and streets remained mostly snow-free,
though an inch or two rests on shady spots, on bushes, on grass, on cars.

It's not much of a snow.
But it was the very best of snows.
Just what we needed!

No cancellations.
No delays.
No disruption to our routines.
We spent a very nice, normal day together,
while it snowed.

It appears that we may have our first five day school week in who knows how long.

I am so thankful that we had school today!


  1. It is a lovely day when weather doesn't interrupt the schedule. It is pretty to see, but we've seen enough. Glad it didn't make the kids extra hyper.

  2. I too am glad we didn't get a cancelation today. We did not go outside, though. And I wish we had after reading your experience! The snow did make for a lovely out the window backdrop, though :)

  3. I love hearing about it. We had "your" snow last Saturday, & it was nice to have some moisture, which we need! It was gone by Sunday am, & warm today, Maureen. Maybe that's the end, but thanks for sharing the delight from the kids-so nice.

  4. It snowed here too. I must say I felt a little less positive about it, but I love your take on it. Yes, the kids still love it and that delight can transfer to us! No delays or cancellations is a definite reason to celebrate! I hope tomorrow is the same but with a little more sunshine puhlease!