Friday, March 21, 2014

SOLSC #21 Sense of Loss

I am posting every day during March as part of the annual "Slice of LifeChallenge for Two Writing Teachers.  Check out their website for lots more reflections on teaching.


With a quick swipe of our SmartCards,
we move through the turnstiles at the metro and
hurry down the escalator to the platform.
Train due in two minutes - okay, good!
We walk together,
down the platform and
position ourselves to board the train.
Happy together,
chatting a little,
then lost in our own individual thoughts as the day begins.
The daily commute,
with my favorite companion,
my husband.
Oh, yes! Here comes the train.
I walk a few steps forward,
in order to be right at the opening door.
Look, an empty seat! 
That doesn't happen enough. 
I sit down, on the outside edge,
because I get off the metro at the earlier stop.
No one sits next to me.
Where is he?
I hop up from my seat,
startled, a bit frightened, and
definitely confused.
Metro doors close tightly and
the train races forward.
I am bewildered,
spinning my head around,
eyes searching wildly at all the neighboring seats,
through the window at the distancing platform, and
down the long train car,
my disconcerted husband
at the opposite end,
his eyes mirroring mine,
yes, my husband,
equally baffled.
We had somehow,
boarded the train
via two different doors.
What if we had ended up on different cars!
We were together on that platform,
in body only.
I hurry to him,
shaking my head and chuckling,
and we greet one another with a happy hug,
as if we had been separated all day.
An uneasy feeling lingers,
a profound sense of loss.
How weird,
together, and
abruptly not.
When has this happened before?
What have I missed?

(A daily share by preschoolers in their own words)
A Story Collage by Nico

     Do you remember when we went to see the horses? A lady was riding on one horse. What was the horse named? Blue! This horse is blue.  Boo! The bear! That’s about Jungle Book. Did you know I went to feed the ducks with my Mom yesterday? You have to wear something on the horse so that you don’t fall down on the horse. I love my Dad and my Mom! I said that already!! The End.


  1. I would be panicked, too, if I turned around and my husband wasn't there. It is a terrible feeling, but what a relief to find you were really together!

  2. I am glad you found each other again! That is scary. Though, I must admit I giggled a little as I imagined your eyes meeting and you sharing a chuckle together. It's amazing how we can transport into our own world and move through life robotic at times. I love this line: "The daily commute, with my favorite companion,my husband."

  3. How often do we make a move, just assuming the person we are with is truly "with" us? How troubling for you to find out you and your husband were nowhere near each other. I'm so glad it had a happy ending, complete with hug.