Sunday, January 9, 2011

How to celebrate with children?

Thanks to visiting different classrooms this year, I have expanded my repertoire of ways to celebrate children's successes...silly ways to get everyone's attention about something good. It turns out, I'm not the ony one who hams it up with children, with a boisterous "pep rally" kind of cheer....

Here are ten fun ways to celebrate how great your little ones are - children love to act these out!

1. Cowboy cheer (stomp feet, stomp feet, clap 2x, “eee ha!” w/pretend lasso);

2. Train horn (fist up, pull down, “tooot! tooot!”);

3. Truck driver (fist up, pull down, “hooooonk!,” and with deep voice, “Good job, Dude!”)

4. Brain kiss (kiss fingers, touch forehead);

5. Rollercoaster (2 hands in front, parallel, moving up- "chugga, chugga, chugga;" at top, hands sweep down and up, over two hills, w/ a “Weeee! Weeeee!”)

6. Silent cheer (arms/hands w/closed fist moving wildly up and down, as in regular cheer, but no sound/voice)

7. Pat on the Back – lean one hand over the shoulder and pat on yourself on the back

8. Hug Yourself – fold arms around yourself and squeeze tight

9. You Shine – sing “na na na na, na na na na, hey hey-ey, you shine!

10. Firecracker – clap hands together, moving them upwards, hands move away from each other, fingers wiggling (raining down), with a “pshhhhhoooooo” and a final “pop” from lips smacking together.

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