Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday SOL When will we be back together?

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Today is our first day back at school after a beautiful spring break...I had a fabulous time, hiking in the Georgia mountains with my husband. We stayed in a cabin at Vogel State Park, near Blairsville, Georgia, and did day hikes in the Appalachian mountains that surround this park. 

Yesterday - Monday - staff returned to school for a professional day, to plan our final weeks of the school year. Anyone who is a teacher knows how delightful this "cushion day" was - allowing a time of transition from spring break to classroom teaching. I thoroughly enjoyed this bonus day before returning to my teaching role.

It was really sweet to see a few of my preschoolers at the on-site daycare program, allowing me a sneak peek at the children I have - quite honestly - been missing a great deal. I was working on lesson plans in our classroom when I saw a few of the children walk by in the hallway with an instructor. They saw me, I saw them, and I saw nothing but confusion on their faces. Why was I in the classroom but they were not? What was going on? 

James, in fact, quickly put up his hand as a blinder, as if he did not want to see me or me to see him.

I called out,

"Hey there! You can't walk by without giving me a hug! Come here, buddies! Group hug time!" and I spread my arms wide to embrace them, to invite them towards me.

Immediately, Simona, Ellis, James, Naima, Wesley, and Malcolm raced into the classroom and dove in for a group hug. Evan stood back, uncertain. 

Many questions poured forth -
Why are you here?
Is this a school day?
Did you know I saw my grammy?
Did you know I was at camp?
I saw my cousins!
Did you miss me?
Did you know it was spring break?

James, with conviction, concluded - "Ms. Ingram, tomorrow is not a camp day anymore, right?"

"No, James, tomorrow we are back together - we are going to have a great time, the Big Cats together again, here in the classroom!"

With this news, he gave me another big hug, and everyone else joined in, again. Except Evan, still uncertain, but a slow grin coming over his face.

Here's to today - and our great time, together again!

But before I go, let me share a few pictures from my week of hiking...


  1. Thanks for sharing your hiking pictures - so beautiful. I loved how you posted these images next to the small moment conversation you had in the hallway - also so beautiful. Your post reminds me how great it is being a teacher! Thanks to the great kids we get to spend time with, we are surrounded by beauty! Enjoy today at school with your friends.

  2. Your time away sounds marvelous, Maureen, and the pictures are glorious. My week back was last week & while I know most were happy to be back, young teens don't tell that! Hope today was a good one!

  3. All the hugging is something we're not supposed to do in high school, but I'm a bit of a rebel at times when a situation can only be made better by a "side hug" or an "up top" hand smack. BTW, fabulous pics.

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