Wednesday, March 11, 2015

SOLSC 2015 #11: What if I taught from there?

Each day during March, I am participating in the Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Story Challenge (SOLSC). All participants are writing about one moment, one part of their day, every day for thirty-one days. My slices will be primarily about teaching preschoolers. Check out the Two Writing Teachers  website for lots more reflections on teaching. Thanks especially to Stacey, Tara, Anna, Beth, Dana, and Betsy for hosting this writing challenge. 


"Your right foot should be pointing forward, your back foot should be parallel with the end of your mat," she coached, as we moved into "Warrior" position. There we were, in full meditative focus, when we heard a rush of young feet, saw the door fly open, and heard an almost instantaneous "Oops! Sorry!" by a first grader. The door slammed back shut, my colleagues and I burst into giggles, only to be echoed by whispers and giggles on the other side of the door, and then the door being thrown back open one more time, with now two first graders looking in, and quickly rushing back out.

Every Tuesday afternoon, after school, my school has been providing a free yoga class to all staff. It is a fabulous perk. It takes place in this marvelous fitness room that is adjacent to our all-purpose room.

Unfortunately, the all-purpose room is also where aftercare takes place. 

I suspect the children are used to running around in both rooms - and were taken aback to find the room occupied, with their teachers doing yoga, no less. That was worth a second look.

A short while later, we lay on our mats attempting "Shavasana," when all is to be oh so quiet and meditative. Pouring forth from the other side of the wall was raucous laughter, fort building, and bouncing balls. We were in two places at once. Very funny, very challenging, and, still, very lovely. 

I am a beginner at yoga, having taken a class or two every now and again through the years. This is the first time I have ever had a consistent yoga experience. Each week, the instructor changes up our routine a bit...I remember a couple weeks ago being asked to 'rotate our shoulders' during some prone position - Cobra, perhaps? Truly, not sure. Anyhow, she asked us to move our shoulders up, move them down, move them up, move them down - after a few of these back and forths, she asked us to find the place in the middle - and to consider how strong, comfortable, and energizing this felt. 

For days, the experience of this one move stayed with me. It really was delightful, the sensation, to move from stress and tough and awkwardness to this sweet spot. I thought,

what if I taught from there?
what if I parented from there?
what if I loved from there?
what if I lived from there?

Right there, in the middle, the space in-between, where everything feels so possible.



  1. I am very jealous of your yoga room. What a great addition to a school!

  2. I am very jealous of your yoga room. What a great addition to a school!

  3. Your post took me right next to you to stretch and balance with the background giggles. We used to have after school yoga and I loved it. No more yoga. I miss it.

  4. I have a little yoga after school club that I do with a few girls, but I would LOVE it if my school offered yoga classes to us teachers!

  5. Thanks for your wonderful post! I enjoyed how you started it with an anecdote. I do yoga on a semi-regular basis so I could relate. I'm hoping to find that lovely space-in-between more often. Namaste.

  6. In the middle is in balance, a good place to be. Consider the possibilities, what if?
    I'm sure the teachers were quite the topic for the kids on the other side of the wall.