Sunday, February 1, 2015

Let's write a baby book

Our beloved principal is expecting twins. At our staff meeting last week, we threw her a baby shower and presented her with special books created by every class. Each of these books was so sweet!

For our book, the Big Cats created watercolor paintings with black ink drawings. I asked each preschooler the simple question,
Why do you love babies?

Since this book was a gift, I wasn't able to send the children's artwork home…so, I made sure to take photos of each page. Here's what our book looked like:

Why We Love Babies
by the 
Preschool Big Cats
January 2015

"I love playing with babies." (Ellis)

"I know they are in the tummy." (Evan)

"Babies make me very, very happy. And I love how babies cry." (Naima)

"Mommy holds the baby when it goes 'WAAH!' " (Jackson)

"Sometimes they'll be happy, sometimes they'll be sad." (Ella)

"Babies, Mommy." (Rowan)

"I don't love babies. I love superheroes." (Nicky)

"Babies cry." (Wesley)

"I love that Moms hold them. I love baby dolls." (Paxton)

"I don't love babies. I love boats and crabs and big spider crabs." (Julian)

"I love babies 'cause they are cute and I love to hold them." (Luke)

"I love princess babies." (Kaelyn)

"I can hug them." (Jinyu)

"I love babies' shoes." (James)

"I love to feed her." (Simona)

"I love babies crawling." (Dmitry)

"I want to see them try to walk." (Malcolm)

"I love babies walking." (Micah)

"Babies like to play with big children all the time." (Avery)

"I like to hug them." (Katherine)

"I love babies." (Henry)

The End

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