Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tuesday SOL Rush to the end of the year

This is a Tuesday "Slice of Life" for Two Writing Teachers. Check out their website for lots more reflections on teaching.


I am beginning to wonder if I will ever catch my breath enough to blog again! Non-stop, race to the finish. Three more days of school.

Here's what the crescendo of these last few days and weeks has included:

  • Creating/finalizing portfolios for each child

  • Finding time for each child to draw end of year self-portraits (and delighting in the obvious growth from the beginning of the year!)

  • Completing the end of the year data
  • Entering GOLD data...oh, how tedious it is to finalize data!

  • Dance party with the children, a gift from our families at our school's silent auction
    What fun we had dancing at our DJ Party!
  • Our final Learning Showcase of the year, a big exciting evening event with families,
  • Documentation of our water investigations, for our Learning Showcase
  • Writing and editing report cards (haven't yet stuffed the envelopes - may it go better than last trimester!)
  • Family conferences, reflecting on each child's school year
  • Supporting my Resident as she searched for a teaching position next year - YES, Melissa will be teaching kindergarten! In Spanish! Go, Melissa! Well done!
  • Hard hat tour with my colleagues of our new school (opening this fall!)

  • Touring our new school!
  • Packing instructions - boxes, boxes, boxes

  •  Teaching my Resident how to close out a school year

    • Going down "memory lane" with the children - re-reading our favorite books, re-visiting our favorite activities, playing lots of games
    • Washing toys with the children
    • Splash party in the side alley - and washing those large foam blue blocks
    • Field day in the side alley, hosted by our YMCA - so much fun!
      Field Day - we sure made good use of our side alley!

    • In, between, around, and in spite of these many demands and milestones, trying to savor special moments with the children.


    1. What a celebration to learning and growing and community. Way to go!

    2. Best, best wishes, Maureen. So much to do, especially when you're also moving. Exciting, but daunting. Our school did this in 2000-couldn't have managed it without so many parent volunteers. I love going down 'memory lane' with my older students, too!

    3. So much to celebrate --love that you are slowing down enought to capture the slices! Enjoy and breathe!!!
      Clare and Tammy

    4. I understand your "pain" finalizing GOLD days. It feels like it takes forever! Could you share more about your closing procedures for your classroom? I teach preschool at a school with an inefficient system, and we're brainstorming ideas to fix it for next year. How much involvement do your students have in washing the toys? Do you bleach with them around or do you have separate time to do that? Anything you could share would be helpful. Thank you!

    5. Ahhh. . . End of year chaos mixed with memories and special moments :-)