Sunday, May 11, 2014

I love my Mommy

I love my Mommy because . . .

Julian - my mommy loves me

Zuren – she gave me a cookie

Ada – she does my hair sometimes

Helen – she takes care of me and she loves me

Charlie – it’s Mother’s Day!

Lavinia – she has short hair like me

Evan – she plays soccer with me

Hughie – I always do things all the time with her

Alyja – she gives special treats to me

Micaela – she’s my brother’s Mom

Amelie – she loves me and I love her

Lily – I want to go to work with her

Akhil – Mommy, please!

Shaan - I love every Mommy!

Caroline – she is sweet and she’s kind and she loves me

Ashley – she use the jack in the box at home

Ellie – she saves penguins!

Eloise – she’s coming here, she’s picking me up

Ian – I love her so much!


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