Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday SOL Exploring the light tunnel

The Two Writing Teachers March Challenge has ended but the weekly Tuesday "Slice of Life" begins! Check out their website for lots more reflections on teaching.

At Gathering, Melissa re-introduced the tunnel - one section now with special lights! The children were so, so, so excited about this - jumping up and down, hardly believing that this was theirs to play in. Melissa explained that she would work with a small group, just a few at a time...reminding the children that a cardboard tunnel would need to be used with great care.

I worked peripherally, at another center -
stencils, pastels, and watercolors.

I found it impossible not to
take notes...

This fun, playful tunnel became a experiential way to learn how
to move carefully and respectfully, one by one,
to wait for one's turn,
to not push one's way into front,
to allow others an opportunity to do something you want to do,
to take turns,
i.e., to share.


I hear Melissa,

"One at a time,"
"Follow the arrows."
"No, it's the other way."
"Remember, you are crawling through."
"You need to take a break and remember how you let those in front of you go first."
"Who's in front of you?"
"Yes, you are next."

Melissa joked with me at one point - "They almost look like little hamsters going round and round and round. Hopefully for nap, they'll be out!"

Well, naptime was pretty much the same as always...but, certainly, the morning exploration of the light tunnel was awesome fun!

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  1. Even when older students build a wind tunnel at school they love to crawl into it, Maureen. How exciting to do this with the kids. I wonder if their knees will be sore tonight?