Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tuesday SOL Do you see what I see?

It is Tuesday and this is a "Slice of Life" for Two Writing Teachers.  Check out their website for lots more reflections on teaching.

In this month of gratitude, 
I am thankful for preschoolers 
who remind me 
of the joy of play. 

I placed a basket of safety goggles in the science corner recently, with no particular goal in mind - simply because I had them.

The children were delighted! Although we had many "real" activities planned, all they wanted to do was wear those goggles and create their own special fun. 

Everything is more fun with safety goggles on.

Safety goggles are essential for most table top activities!

Here, a loud, rambunctious game of underwater shark is improvised! Who knew that safety goggles were a dramatic play prop?

You see the world differently through safety goggles.  
I'm thankful for children who remind me of this, each and every day.


  1. Someone asked me yesterday what activity in my day brings me joy. I said: Playing with my kids. They help remind me that life is about all the silly moments. That is joy for sure, and like you I'm grateful for them--the kids and the moments. And the goggles or whatever it is that helps change your perspective!

    PS When is the DC thing? I'm in NoVA...

  2. Ha! I love this Slice - I want to come play with the safety goggles, too!

  3. You never know what can happen, and that's the wonder of it! Thanks for the big smile, Maureen!