Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday SOL - What lifts me?

It is Tuesday and this is a "Slice of Life" for Two Writing Teachers.  Check out their website for lots more reflections on teaching.

My early childhood colleagues and I met after school today, as we do each Tuesday, and we spontaneously began sharing about our students.  Each teacher provided a brief overview of specific challenges and then everyone brainstormed suggestions.  It was awesome.

I feel so lifted by my colleagues, each of us excited by the discussion, helping to see each situation with fresh eyes, from another perspective.

Open-ended questions, time for reflection....

What might have triggered the behavior?
What might she be experiencing?
Where was he last year? What was the same or different about that environment?

How does she play with others?

Where do challenges occur - at centers? Whole group? Small group?
What does she love to do? 

How rushed does he feels? 
Is there a way to check in with her in a different way? 
What is he lacking?

How does she interact with her family? Are there similar issues?

What sensory issues do you notice?
Where might he be angry in your classroom? What is permitted? Is there a "safe place" for these emotions, a place for him to go?
Does it take her longer to process information?

Would he benefit from a picture schedule rather than teacher's voice giving guidance?

Could you take her aside and prepare her for transitions? 
What have you done to build trust?
How does he interact with classmates? What are his friendships like?
When does she feel successful?

 My colleagues help me "recharge."


  1. These are wonderful questions - what a great mentor text for teachers/ for a staff to review.

  2. You are very fortunate to have colleagues to ask those questions to solve those important issues with your students.

  3. Sounds like a terrific meeting and group, Maureen. I'll look forward to your sharing again this year!