Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How hard is it to paint an impressionist painting?

Tuesday Slice of Life with Two Writing Teachers

[Trying my hand at a poem today, hoping to illustrate the hard work of growing a school. It's summer - I'm just playing around, trying to be more creative!]

I think
growing a school
is like an impressionist painting.
It starts with a vision.
The picture begins
with intense spots of color.
The artist works fervidly,
moving about,
different parts of the picture,
varying and adjusting the palette,
many areas at once.
Focusing on
one small area,
there is only a blur,
lack of clarity,
not much more.
It takes much blending,
repetition of strokes,
attention to tone,
It takes time,
stepping back,
consideration of the bigger picture.
It takes thinking and re-thinking,
the true picture,
the masterpiece,
is evident.

Entrance to the Harbor by Georges Seurat

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