Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday SOL - Heroes on Parade

Tuesday Slice of Life with Two Writing Teachers

I missed an entire week of teaching last week, due to my family emergency. 

The week was a blur of hospital extremes - long days of hurry up and wait, fervent discussions with doctors, nurses, family; responding to alarms, beeps, tests, results; exhausting. My Mom is now in a nursing home near my parents' home in South Carolina, where she will get intensive rehab to regain, hopefully, her ability to walk and to feed herself.

What did I dream about? The preschoolers, of course. Happy dreams in the midst of sad reality. It was a very strange feeling to be away from the classroom and the children.

Laura (Teaching Resident) finally got the chance to run the class on her own - and this she did beautifully, I have no doubt. I know that our main focus of the week was to create hero capes - the final endeavor of this creative exploration.  She delighted me with photos of the children on parade, on the last day of school before our spring break (this week!).

Thought these happy photos made for the perfect slice this first Tuesday in April. 
Happy April! 
Happy Spring Break!

Practicing flying before heading out for the walk.


  1. What a blessing to know your charges were in good hands! I love those capes, and I went back and read their stories. It sounds like a great unit to bring lots of things together.
    You, your family and mother are in my prayers. It isn't easy to leave it at the doorstep like we do.

  2. So great that you have such a great teaching resident to pick up when you had to leave so quickly. The capes are darling, I know those kids were in hero heaven. You've been on my mind since your last post. The new normal is difficult, but hopefully things will change for the better with therapy. Praying for your family.

  3. Hero capes sounds perfect, and the pictures are precious.

  4. Wonderful that you had Laura, and knew what good hands your students were in. You've spoken about her often, so I know it was ok. The pictures are darling, such a great ending to that project. As for your mother, I'm so sorry about it all. You know I've been there in emergency mode, choosing the right thing to do, the right place, etc. I wish you all the best I can wish, Maureen. And best to your father too-tough times!