Monday, October 29, 2012

A picture book about the power going out

No school today or tomorrow, due to Hurricane Sandy.
We've had a day of serious wind gusts and rain here in Silver Spring, Maryland, but as of yet our power remains on.

Let me share my latest library find....

On Saturday, browsing through the stacks at the library - in continual pursuit of picture books about city life for my preschoolers - the following book jumped out at me:

written and illustrated by John Rocco

...a delightful book about the power going out in a downtown area, and the wonderful effect this has on a young child's family as they play games and spend time together.  Very sweet!  A book that will be "spot on" when (?)  I return to school this week.

Pretty exciting find.

Here's hoping that everyone who is affected by Hurricane Sandy is having special moments of family togetherness!


  1. Serendipity.
    We are home from school, too. Here in northeast Massachusetts many of my neighbors have lost power, but we are safe and well lit.
    Happy reading.

  2. What perfect timing to discover this book!I hope you don't lose power and all are safe at the end of this ordeal.Take care, I'm praying for you all.

  3. I've seen it, but still not read it. Thanks for the reminder that it's so appropriate now. Hope your day off is good, & not too stressful.

  4. Neat read and timely (unfortunately!).I, too, hope there are some happy stories that come after this hurricane.