Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back to school!

We teachers returned to school
a little more than a week ago,
to a new school home,
newly remodeled,
contractors still in the building.

Preschoolers arrived yesterday.

Yes, it is a blur.

But, I want to remember -

High ceilings,
filled with endless weaving of exposed pipes, tubes, gadgets, gizmos,
I want to create pendulums,
magical floating art.

Walls of windows,
floor to ceiling,
incredible light,
and an intimate view of life in the alley.
What will preschoolers notice?

New Teaching Residents,
eyes open wide,
voices filled with passion, determination, idealism.

The whole staff together,
so many of us,
the excitement and hope in the building is palpable.

A new colleague speaks,
"I've been looking for this school for the past fifteen years."
just beautiful.

Orientation for new families,
so much care and concern,
lots of questions,
some watery eyes,
taking their babies to school for the first time.

"Meet your teacher" mornings,
the children visit,
their cautious entry into the room,
their delight to find blocks, dolls, art, books, a big cozy chair,
smiling teachers,
adorable photos.

Emptying packed moving boxes and
getting ready for children,
a blur of emptying and creating,
where's the box with the teacher scissors?
let's make picture cards for gathering time,
where's the box with the smocks?
let's make names on the cubbies,
where's the box with my teaching materials? my visuals? my quotes?
let's make a place for lunches,
where are the trash cans? the paper towels? the tissues?
let's make take-home folders,
let's make a sign-in board,
let's make a family info board,
no time left,
they are coming,
they are here...
wait, I never checked the bathrooms...
are the contractors still here?

Day one,
sweet children clinging to family,
wide eyes,

I'm on.
Hello, everybody, it's so good to see you!

There is something so wondrous about the beginning of a school year.
This one seems especially so.


  1. Beautiful words, Maureen. I hope that you will share with your colleagues. It's a capturing for all of them! I love that part with the questions-so exactly the image of school starting. We fly from one task to another until finally the best day arrives, the children. I hope you have a wonderful year.

  2. I love this whole story. Looking for things, excitement, uneasiness, so many things going on! What a start to the year. Have a wonderful beginning, middle and end. :)