Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A poem to remember the year

My Tuesday Slice of Life

I tried my hand at an "end of the year" poem for my preschool class, in hopes of catching the spirit of our year together.  We have had a lot of fun together, and I hope that their families will enjoy this reflection...22 memories, for 22 preschoolers!

Our last day is Friday!

We will remember,
we hope you remember,

“My heart to your heart, I wish you well”
Our hello/goodbye window
Playing in sand and water
Dancing to We Are the Dinosaurs
Making gak
Fruit salad birthdays
Painting with marbles  
How does your story begin?
Driving the cardboard car
Playing with balls and ramps
The sharing box
Reading folktales
Writing the penguin story
Drawing with stencils
Block cities
Ram Sam Sam
Rainy day parades
Walking on the balance beam
Engineering with recyclables
Pill bugs in the garden
Goodbye Song
The Big Cats

We have had a magical year together.  It has been a delight to be your teachers.  Have a great summer, full of exploration!

Ms. Ingram, Mr. Saibou, Ms. Oliver


  1. I love this...through your slicing I have sometimes felt like I was a fly on your wall. As I read this I was thinking, "I remember that...oh I loved that too!" What a great year your students have had!

    1. It was a great year! I love how much I've been able to blog about...and how much I have learned from you and all the other slicers. I am looking forward to summer and immersing myself on all the blog posts I have missed in recent weeks.

  2. Really lovely. I see the quote around, "My heart to your heart, I wish you well" and wonder where it came from. It is a perfect way to start as you capture your year together.

    1. This is a line from a Becky Bailey song that we use to greet one another at the start of the day...the children make hand motions/body movements to accompany the words, facing one another. The first stanza: "My heart to your heart, I wish you well; my elbow to your elbow, I wish you well; my back to your back, I wish you well; my eyes to your eyes, I wish you well." It is very dear.

  3. This is terrific. I imagine the parents will love it, especially when they read it with their children & find out what some of the things mean. I even remember some of your posts with it. Great idea!

    1. Thank you, Linda! Your compliment means a lot!! You were one who encouraged me to write my own farewell/year's end poem.

  4. This poem is lovely - what a great keepsake for your students and their parents!

  5. Thank you so much! It was a great way for me to capture my favorite memories of the year.