Friday, July 15, 2011

What will the new school year bring?

I visited my new school.

It is remarkable to see the stark, open space that will be my classroom this next school year.

I am thinking about the transformation that will occur this August, when the furniture and materials arrive...when I begin to create our new environment...a welcoming space.

Right now, walls are being patched and painted, floors are being redone. It is a time of much work.

I am working, too -
Reflecting. Remembering. Reconsidering.

I am thinking about the room arrangement.
I am thinking about layouts that have worked so well in past years, things that I must replicate in this new space.
I am recalling all the organizational mistakes that I don't want to repeat.
I am wondering about the surprises and challenges this new space and new year will bring.
I am filled with hope and excitement.

I am filled with questions.

Where will the tables go?
What about the easels?
The blocks?
The cozy, quiet area?
The big comfy chair?
Where's the best light for the plants?
Where will we gather together on the carpet?

Some trepidation - will I get it all done?

Of course! Of course! Of course!
Work fits to time allotted, right?

I'm imagining all the children in the classroom -

moving and dancing,
building and creating,
laughing and talking,
eating and resting,
painting and exploring,
reading and playing.

This large bare room, filled with children...what will the new school year bring?

How very exciting!

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