Thursday, May 5, 2011

Are there trains on your mind?

There's a little guy at one of the schools I visit who loves trains more than anything in the world.
We've all met three year olds like this.
Trains, trains, trains.

This week -
He was supposed to use the dot markers to make AB AB patterns.
He was supposed to use the unix cubes for the same purpose.

My little friend made trains.

It was awesome!!

And here's what I overheard:

That's Percy.
Percy, follow me.
Thomas is number one!
You are a useful engine, you know.
Round and round.
Toot! Toot!
And those steam engines!
Those steam engines!
Those steam engines!
Then, you know, you bump into them.
They'll fall apart.
Let them go.
They are freight cars.
Look at the trains!
They are together.
This is the steam engine, the little one.
I'm going to look for Diesel.
Oh, Mr. Conductor!
Bam! I got mine!
I'll take yours.
May I take yours?
Sure you can, Thomas.
Good job, Percy, good job!
Oh, I like your freight cars.

I think he'd make a great teacher - able to work within the constraints put on him and transform it creatively into the world he seeks.

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