Monday, April 11, 2011

What are we interested in today?

"Sculptures - Part II" was a bit of a bust. I brought a variety of wire, ribbon, pipecleaners, and party streamers for the two year olds to explore. I thought they might enjoy revisiting their sculptures, wrapping and tying these pretty extras onto last week's sculptures.

There was a very brief exploration of the wire by a few children - Toby bent a long piece over his head and declared, "I have a hat!," but this was the extent of his interest in the wire this morning. He paid no attention to his sculpture from the week before.

Eva was thrilled when I showed her a curlicue I made by wrapping the wire around the end of the scissors. She and Greyson both had fun trying to do this, too. Eva loved the ribbon and added many pieces to her sculpture - "I love pink!," she declared, as she wrapped her sculpture in pink ribbon.

Greyson enjoyed the wire the most - mashing it with his hands, adding it onto and into his rocket. He wrapped the wire around his wrist and we scooched it off and he studied the large, loopy ringlets it made. I loved watching his hands bend, smush, fold, and stuff the wire - Greyson exploring its properties, what it could do.

Rather than work on their sculptures, Henry and Toby worked together building a long Duplo train.
We had a special math moment:
"Wow, look at all the train cars! How many do you have?," I asked.
We counted together, "1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9."
"10!" I added, counting the engine.
"No! That's not a car," Henry corrected me, "That is an engine. There are 9!"
"Henry, you are right - the engine is pulling 9 cars," I agreed.
Henry gave me a big smile for this correction.

It was a gorgeous spring day, already in the 80s, and bright sunshine. These sculptures and wire had to wait - we needed to be outside!

We rolled the sensory table outside, into the courtyard, and the children played in its birdseed.
We discovered ants in the cracks of the concrete landing, running every which way, and they made us think about our families - "Is that a mommy? A daddy? Look, another!"
Ms. Karen brought Ron Weasley, the guinea pig, outside to play. Henry, Eva, and Toby enjoyed petting him, laughing as he scrunched up his face in response to the breeze.
We drew on the courtyard in chalk.

Greyson found a slug. He fed him a leaf. Then he wrapped the slug in the leaf. "He's not moving!" he exclaimed, concerned. I explained that slugs move very, very slowly. Greyson, Eva, Toby, and I practiced moving like slugs. Then we put the slug back into the ivy embankment - and it was soon beyond our eyesight. "Where is it?" Greyson asked over and over, unsuccessfully looking for it. "The slug is happy in its home," I assured him.

And, of course, there were books and songs and dancing. Don't forget the delicious snack. Plus, the big playground and being in the sandbox with our bare feet.

Yes, "Sculptures - Part II" was a bit of a bust, but we had a lovely morning together, all the same. That is how it is with two year olds - you set up the fun, but let them lead the way.

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