Monday, June 21, 2010

The beautiful necklace

The end of another school year, the end of a chapter for me. My last day at Silver Spring Day School, where I have taught for some 10 years now, was Friday, June 11th. I am not returning next year. It was a very difficult decision, to leave work that I enjoy and where I feel loved. But, I'm feeling called to do more writing and training in early childhood, and I needed more flexibility in my work week. I am considering a variety of early childhood possibilities, including going back to school. I am not at all certain what I'll be doing this fall, but without a doubt I will be working with young children.

I have been so touched by the outpouring of affection and appreciation from the families at my school. They surprised me with a gorgeous necklace, a bead necklace - and each of the beads was chosen by a different family. I must share this necklace with you!

I am awed by the variety of the beads, their shapes, colors, and designs - flat, round, oblong; flowers, animals, hearts; transparent, striped, spiraled; on and on. I am so aware of the parallels to children and their parents - so many different people in this world! So many different ways to be. And, it all adds up to one beautiful mix.

The necklace makes me feel happy, just like my preschool classes always do!


  1. It really is a beautiful necklace and perfectly fitting for all the different kinds of beauty you have brought into lives of so many families. You've had such a tremendous impact on so many children and so many families, and you will continue to do so. What a gift you have, my dear friend. A gift as beautiful, varied and unique as that necklace.

  2. Thank you, Megan. I really appreciate your glowing words. I think it is a gift to work in a cooperative [parent participatory] preschool because you get to connect with both children and their parents. I have learned so much from both.