Monday, May 17, 2010

What about those sharing boxes?

My threes love circle time when we have the Animal Sharing Box.

Colin, holding box tightly, in a soft voice to the class, "It's a zebra"
Me to Colin, "shh, let's see if your friends can guess. Friends, let's think of questions about animals that we can ask...we can ask about color,'s fun to ask a yes/no question, such as, is it brown?"
Zach, "Is it a horse?"
Colin, quietly, "No, it's a zebra."
Me to class, "Let's ask questions ABOUT the animal, such as "Is it a BIG animal?"
Sara, "Is it a mouse?"
Colin, whispering, "No, it's a zebra."
Me to class, "Friends, let's try to learn some of the details of the animal, such as, "Does it have SPOTS? Is it BROWN? Does it make a ROAR sound?"
Teagan, "Is it a cat?"
Colin, quietly, "No, it's a zebra."
Julia, hearing, "Is it a zebra?!"

Next is Kate, holding her box on her lap, starting to take the cover off and show the animal to the class.
Me to Kate, "Let's wait, honey, hold on, keep the lid on your box, let's see if your friends can guess. Does anyone have a question that we can ask Kate about her animal?"
Gwen, "Is it purple?"
Kate, "No, it's a horse."
Teagan, "Is it a cat?"
Kate, "No, it's a horse."
Me to class, laughing, "Friends, please, think about an animal and let's ask what SOUND it makes...."
Sara, "Is it a mouse?"
Kate, loudly, "No, it's a HORSE! See!" and then she opens the lid to show us!

Very funny.

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  1. Hi Maureen, this is God sent, mothers and expectant mothers wil benefit a lot from this blog. One of my great niece's once told me that it is so hard to care for a baby especiially new born, because there is no manual to help from one minute to the next. Regards, Beatrice