Monday, January 18, 2010

Where to begin?

New Year's Resolution - let's get some of my reflections about early childhood education out there in cyberspace! I would love to interact with others about issues relating to young children, their families, their teachers. I work with three year olds and there's not a day that goes by without me being stretched in some new way.

But where to begin? Consider for a moment all the "titles" I have considered for this blog:
- Preschool Perspectives
- More than Musings
(Out comes the Thesaurus: questions, discussions, thoughts, debate, ideas, broadening, enlightening, provoking)
- Provoking Preschool Practices
- Careful Consideration of Children
(out comes the dictionary - to consider: to think about carefully and seriously)
- MYIPassion4Children
- Innocence and Innovation
- Different Drummers in Childhood
(Out comes the Thesaurus - differences, different, varied, assorted, mosaic, motley)
- Does Not Keep Pace
- All Sorts of Children, All Sorts of Early Childhood
- Pondering Preschool
- Stretching Childhood Minds


For now, I settle on MYIEarlyChildhoodReflections, as in "Maureen Young Ingram's Early Childhood Reflections"....

What is the purpose of this blog? I'd like to focus on different early childhood issues as I come across them - to present, more or less, opinions to which people can react. I worry that we tend to rush past "small issues" (i.e., issues having to do with young children) in order to get our more important "big work" done - but, really, we should be thinking about children, thinking about how we teach, thinking about how we parent.

I'd love for this blog to provide a mirror about children, to consider theory versus practice, to stimulate conversation and dialogue, to stretch and dare people to look at things differently.

I also hope that this blog will be dynamic and changing. I have every intention of going back and revising entries as I consider new information. I don't have the final word and I'm not convinced I ever will. I offer my perspective from a particular place and time.

Let's just dive in and see what happens....

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  1. Hi Maureen,

    I'm really happy to have found your blog! Its wonderful to see inside of your classroom. I look forward to coming back!